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ClickBank is, by far, the most convenient and lucrative affiliate platform online today.  You can literally go to the ClickBank website right now, sign up for an account, and within 5 minutes have access to 1000's of products in hundreds of niches that you can start promoting today using your very own affiliate link to make sales and earn commissions.

But what in the heck do you do then?  Everywhere you look online you see people making commissions on ClickBank on a DAILY basis.

Every day you see people online talking about how they became MILLIONAIRES by promoting ClickBank products.

And yet here you are, all ready to go with your affiliate links, posting them on Facebook, dropping them in comments on blogs, putting them in your signature on niche forums where you are CERTAIN that people will see these links, click them, buy the product, and forever be grateful for your help.

And even after ALL THAT WORK, you have absolutely NO SALES and NO COMMISSIONS.

But don't despair, because there is HOPE for you yet…

The Sad Fact is that MOST PEOPLE who are Promoting

ClickBank Products are DOING IT WRONG...

Most people who promote ClickBank products think that everyone is looking to buy that product and they just ‘spam' their link everywhere they can.

And that's NOT the way to do it.

Potential buyers of a ClickBank product don't just one day wake up and decide to buy a product.

They are people with a ‘problem' who are looking for a ‘solution' and in their search they follow a specific pattern.

Very few people simply go online, click the first link they find, go to the buy button on that page, and buy the product.

That is NOT what they do.

Instead, they follow a very specific 4-step procedure.

LEARN THIS and you can Almost GUARANTEE

to INCREASE your ClickBank Commissions Starting TODAY...

Potential Buyers of a ClickBank Product Always Follow This 4-Step Procedure

STEP #1Decide They Have A Problem
The first step occurs when a person decides they have a problem.  Maybe it's that they are overweight (fat) and they want to lose weight.  Here's the catch.  The problem is NOT that they are overweight.  The problem is that they no longer can live with it.  It's a ‘pain point' and they no longer can live with the pain.  It's at this point, when they decide that they NO LONGER want to be fat, that it becomes a problem that they want to SOLVE.

STEP #2Research For Potential Solutions
Now that the person has decided they have a problem, they start to search for general solutions.  They are looking for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that can help them solve their problem.  At this point they are NOT looking at or for SPECIFIC PRODUCTS.  And this is where many ClickBank affiliate marketers make their mistake.  It's too soon to be trying to get these people to click on your affiliate link.  They are not ready to buy yet.  But in the case of our fat person, maybe they have found that reducing leptin levels can help them lose weight.  They like this solution so they start to search for specific products that can help them lose weight by reducing leptin levels.  And at this point they move onto the next step.

STEP #3Finding Specific Products
Now the person starts searching for SPECIFIC products that will provide the solution they desire.  No more GENERAL searches.  Now they want a SPECIFIC solution.  They want a solution they can BUY.  And in the case of our fat person, they come across a weight-loss supplement called Leptitox.  It claims to reduce leptin levels, and that's what our fat person has decided they want to try in order to lose weight.

Which moves them onto the next step and THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS.


STEP #4Searching for REVIEWS of Leptitox
Now the person is searching for reviews of a specific product, in this case LeptitoxThey are ready to buy, but they still need to feel that this purchase is the ‘right' one.  And the only way to do so is by searching for reviews.  They will start searching for ‘leptitox reviews', ‘best leptitox reviews', ‘how good is leptitox', ‘does leptitox work', and many other such terms.  They will be DRIVEN to find reviews of this product.  And when they are FINALLY SATISFIED that this purchase will be a good one, they will be READY to CLICK and BUY…

This is the GOLDEN TIME for you to have YOUR LINK in front of this person… when they are ‘Ready To Buy'…


And for this I've created 10 video review funnels that you can use as your own to be able to get these ‘ready to buy' people to click on YOUR LINKS and get you YOUR COMMISSIONS…

And to MAXIMIZE your chances at making the MOST commissions, I've done this for the CURRENT TOP 10 MOST POPULAR Products on ClickBank.

These are the products that people are BUYING the MOST, and this will almost GUARANTEE you the MOST commissions possible…


Top 10 ClickBank Product Review Videos [2020 Edition]

Video Review Funnels For:

These are the 10 HOTTEST Products on ClickBank right now!  And also the ones that are getting the MOST SEARCHES.  Get these videos TODAY and start getting YOUR SHARE of the ClickBank Cash that's out there RIGHT NOW!  Don't Delay!

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Let's Take a Look at One of the Video Review Funnels That You'll Get IF You Purchase TODAY...

The Product: Leptitox

Leptitox is currently the MOST POPULAR product on ClickBank at the time of the creation of this salespage (February 2020).

So many people are looking to lose weight, and Leptitox is a weight-loss supplement that helps by reducing an individual's leptin resistance.  This in turn helps the person eat less and lose more weight.

The video review funnel for Leptitox (as well as for ALL the other Top 10 ClickBank Products) includes 5 videos:

  1. Introduction (Teaser)
  2. The Benefits (Part 1)
  3. The Benefits (Part 2)
  4. The Reality Check (Cons)
  5. The Wrap-Up (Call To Action)
NOTE: For Best Effect, Watch ALL 5 Videos In Order (Starting with Part 1)
Leptitox Review Video Part 1:  The Introduction
Leptitox Review Video Part 2:  The Benefits (Part 1)
Leptitox Review Video Part 3:  The Benefits (Part 2)
Leptitox Review Video Part 4:  The Reality Check (Cons)
Leptitox Review Video Part 5:  The Wrap-Up (Call To Action)

And These Are The Videos In Just ONE of the Funnels...

With your purchase today you will not only get the 5 videos in the video review funnel for Leptitox, you'll also get 5 more videos for EACH of the OTHER 9 video review funnels…

That's A Grand Total of 50 Videos You'll Be Getting Today With Your Purchase!

And with each of these video review funnels,
you'll be able to get clicks on your affiliate links for ALL Top 10 ClickBank Products (as of February 2020).

And Don't Forget The Bonuses...
Included with your purchase today I'm including these valuable BONUSES as well at NO Additional Cost!

Bonus #1:

Earn More With ClickBank
(20-Video Training)

This is a Brand New Over-The-Shoulder Video Series on How To Use Clickbank To Earn Windfalls Of Cash.

You'll learn how to make money on ClickBack as BOTH a Vendor and an Affiliate.

This Bonus Includes 20 Modules of Training:

  1. Overview
  2. Create A ClickBank Account
  3. ClickBank – Account Settings
  4. ClickBank – Affiliate Settings
  5. Affiliate Link Setup – Part 1
  6. Affiliate Link Setup – Part 2
  7. Affiliate Link SEtup – Part 3
  8. Affiliate and Vendor Payments
  9. Direct Integrations
  10. Zapier Connection
  11. Connect to Autoresponders Through Zapier
  12. Connect to Membership Platforms
  13. Creating Your Pitch or Sales Page
  14. The ClickBank Trust Badge Addition
  15. Creating Your Thank You Page
  16. Creating Your Payment Link
  17. Creating A My Product Page
  18. Creating A Test Purchase
  19. Approval and Activation Charge
  20. Conclusion

This training contains 20 videos of high-impact and truly relevant knowledge that you CANNOT be without if you are going to spend any time promoting and/or selling products on ClickBank.

Bonus #2:

Affiliate Cash Machine
(6-Video Training)

This is a Brand New Training Video Series on How To Become A Super Affiliate Marketer.

This Bonus Includes 6 Modules of Training:

  1. Welcome to ACM
  2. Choosing the Right Products
  3. 3 Methods For Locating Good Affiliate Products
  4. Competing With Affiliates
  5. The Advantage of ClickBank
  6. Conclusion

This training contains 6 videos of high-impact and truly relevant knowledge that you CANNOT be without if you are going to spend any time promoting affiliate product offers.

Bonus #3:

Brand Your Videos For Free!
(7-Video Training)

This is a Brand New Training that I've personally created showing you how to brand your videos using a free software.

This Bonus Includes 7 Modules of Training:

  1. Why Brand
  2. Download the software
  3. Install the software
  4. Intro and select video
  5. Add Website address
  6. Add logo
  7. Produce branded video

This training contains 7 videos that I personally created to help you be able to brand any video with your logo and website address so you can post it online and NOT have other people steal them to use as their own.

Looking For Ideas On How To Use These Videos?

Here are Eight (8) Ways to Start Using These Videos Today!

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I challenge you to find better video quality for less money than the videos in this package here today… Because you WON'T!


So Click on the Buy Button Below and Purchase These High-Quality Review Videos Today!

All Sales Are Final - No Refunds

Personal Use Rights For All Videos

Here are the Personal Use Only License Terms that you must follow for all of these videos:

[YES] Can add intros and outros to the videos to make them unique
[YES] Can brand videos by adding logos and website addresses
[YES] Can be used on your blogs and websites AS LONG AS VIDEOS ARE BRANDED
[YES] Can be uploaded onto social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) AS LONG AS VIDEOS ARE BRANDED

[NO] Cannot be given away or sold at any price
[NO] Cannot be added to membership sites with resell and master resell rights
[NO] Cannot be uploaded unbranded (MUST BE BRANDED)
[NO] Cannot use my name as creator


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q:  Is there a money-back guarantee?

A:  No, all sales are final.  Due to the nature of the content, no refunds will be provided after the sale.  Samples are provided on this page so there are no surprises as to the quality of my video work.

Q:  Are there any upsells after this page?

A:  Yes.  First upsell will be wordpress template sites for each of the 10 ClickBank Products. Second upsell is for the ‘source files' to all the videos. Third upsell is for an online software for video editing and branding.  Last upsell is for 30-days of email coaching from me.  NONE of the upsells are required, they are all OPTIONAL.

Q:  What if I have trouble accessing this product?

A:  No matter what problems or questions you may have, I've got you covered.  Just CLICK HERE to submit a ticket with my support desk and I will respond to you within 24-48 hours (usually much sooner).

Q:  What rights do I get with these videos?

A:  You get PERSONAL USE RIGHTS with these videos.  You can ONLY use them for YOUR OWN business.  You cannot sell or giveaway these videos in any form.

Q:  Can I edit these videos in any way?

A:  You have limited editing rights.  You can BRAND them with your logo and website address.  You can also add intros and outros to these videos to make them unique and to allow you to use them multiple times on the same YouTube channel for different buyer keywords.

Q:  Are these videos Newbie-Friendly?

A:  Yes!  I've done all the hard work in creating these videos.  I've provided the branding training, and uploading them to YouTube and starting to use them to drive traffic is something ANYONE can do.

This product and author are in no way affiliated with CLICKBANK. ClickBank is the retailer of products on this site. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank's role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

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